About Saint Andrew's

SAIntS was founded as a mission school which catered for the children of British colonial officials, traders and planters just after the First World War.

In 1938 it officially became St. Andrew’s Preparatory (later Primary) school, and the High School was opened in 1958.  We celebrated our 50th anniversary two years ago and plan to be around for at least another 50 years.

Currently, St. Andrew’s International High School has 620 students from 40 nationalities in the 11-18+-age range. Approximately 80 students are boarders.  There are usually over 100 Sixth Formers.

The largest ethnic groups are “Asian” (i.e. with family roots in the Indian sub-continent), ‘African’ and ‘European’ (including Zimbabwean and South African).

We accept all students within the ‘normal’ range of ability and Learning Support is on offer for students in need of it, such as those with English as a second language.

Teachers joining SAIntS from other schools, especially state schools in Britain, are often impressed by the friendliness of the students. We have few disciplinary problems of the kind associated with the developed world. The vast majority of parents are extremely positive about and supportive of the school, which has a growing national and international reputation.

All SAIntS students sit for the IGCSE examination at 16+. In the past few years the A*-C pass rate has varied between 70% and 82% and the A Level rate is normally 95% + at A-level. Although these figures are respectable in a school in which the majority of students do not have English as their mother tongue, we are constantly seeking to improve our academic performance.

A Developing School

Our Vision is to be a leader in education in Africa in the next five years.  Some would argue that we already are but to reach our vision amongst other things we have;


  • Opened a purpose built IT centre for the school and community in June 2009;

  • Worked with at least six national sports organisations for the benefit of school and the community;

  • Offered community IT training and sporting opportunities for students from outside of St Andrews;
  • Opened our refurbished pool and made it the home of Liyani Swimming Club, developing Malawi swimming talent with the top swimmers competing around the world;
  • In partnership with the Malawi Cricket Association, trained and been a home for the Malawi student team.