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  Making Informed Choices at GCSE and A Level

At St. Andrew’s we recognise that students have a broad range of skills, this is the reason why we try to have as wide a range of subject options as possible for our Sixth Form students to choose from.

Entry routes for Year 12:

  1. For a pure BTEC course entrants will need to pass 4 IGCSEs/GCSEs (or equivalent) at C grade or higher (inc English Language and Maths). Students who do not achieve four passes will be advised to re-sit Year 11.
  2. For a BTEC / AS Level combination, entrants will need to pass 5 IGCSEs/GCSEs (inc English Language and Maths) at C grade or higher.
  3. For a pure AS Level course, entrants will need to pass 6 IGCSEs/GCSEs (inc English Language and Maths) at C grade or higher.

For external students, the best starting point for Sixth Form entry is to attend our annual Sixth Form induction evening towards the end of Term 2 where the entry process will be explained in more detail and a copy of the Sixth Form handbook will be made available. Prospective students can then make their AS Level/BTEC choices and be put into our entry system, with a place confirmed after the publication of IGCSE/GCSE results in August.

Should an external student be unable to attend this induction evening, then they should contact the school to ensure their options are possible and that a provisional place can be confirmed. External students will also need to complete the standard registration process to enter the school, as well as producing a copy of their last school report or a reference from their last school, as well as a copy of the statement of results for their IGCSE/GCSEs.

For both external and internal students, there will be one of the Heads of Sixth Form available on school site from mid-August to confirm places and hold meetings to resolve any options difficulties. Applications for scholarships will also take place after the publication of IGCSE/GCSE results. Details of how to apply for a Sixth Form scholarship can be obtained from the Head Teacher.

Year 13 Entry

Entry into Year 13 is based on BTEC and AS Level results. The minimum requirement for entry into Year 13 is for a student to pass the subjects they wish to proceed with at a D grade or higher at AS Level or a Pass grade in BTEC.

External candidates for Year 13 is uncommon, but if a prospective student is able to show they have made these entry requirements and that their subject combinations can be accommodated in our Year 13 option blocks, then entry will be considered through the usual admission process.

For additional information and advice then please contact:

– Director of 6th Form



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