Parent Teacher Association

Mission | PTA 4 Key Aims | PTA Bios

1. Mission

Dedicated to ensuring that SAIntS is a safe caring environment which nurtures character development, positive attitudes and superior academic skills, such that each student may achieve their potential and become a valued member of society.

2. PTA 4 Key Aims

  1. Enabling good communication between students, parents, teacher, the Head teacher, administration and the Board of Governors at SAIntS.
  2. Helping strengthen the relationship between the home and school
  3. Raising funds to enhance the school
  4. Communicating a positive image of SAIntS within our walls and to the wider community

Executive Members

3. PTA Bios’

 Olav Schmidt–  Parent and  Chairperson of the PTA executive committee

I was born in the Western part of the then divided city of Berlin, I worked as a Chemical Engineer. Being called into full-time Christian ministry, I pursued a BA in Religions and Missions followed by a three-year tenure in an office for development work. After this assignment, I pastored two churches of the United Methodist Church for some 16 years. In 2016 we were commissioned to serve as Missionaries in Malawi in Leadership Development.

Chloe DohertyAssistant Headteacher

SAIntS is such a warm and welcoming school I was keen to know more people and give something back to the school and the opportunity of being on the Executive Committee was the perfect way to do this. I have taught drama in five schools across North London over the last 16 years. I’ve had a range of other roles in schools, many of them very challenging. I’m looking forward to building on these skills at SAIntS.  My family and I have come to Malawi to explore a different way of life.  I have a daughter at SAIntS.

Peter NarkoteyTeacher

I teach Maths and Physics and I’m head of Physics. I have no child at Saints at the moment however my son did his IGCSE in 2015 and he has since left for the UK. I have a passionate believe in the partnership between teachers and parents for the development and progress of our children and that is why I have joined the PTA to contribute towards strengthening this partnership.

Zahira Mahomed  – Parent

I am an alumni of Saints that I completed in 1999. My occupation is administration/accounts in Ninkawa Transport organization who are fuel transporters on a grand scale. One of my hobbies is professional photography that I indulge in, in my spare time.

I am a mother of two daughters who are 10 and 4 and currently schooling at Phoenix International Primary School. Simultaneously I am responsible for my nephew Muhommed, who is currently in Year 9 at Saints.

I belong to the PTA of Saints and Phoenix International Primary School. The interest I have shown is undiminished. It is my hope to contribute time and effort for the enhancement and betterment of the students and parents of the School.

Christine SchmidtParent

I was born in Stuttgart, Germany. After school got trained as a dairy technician. I’m married to Olav Schmidt, we have two children, Naemi and Joshua, both are in Saints. We have been living in Malawi since August 2016.

Vikesh VanzaraParent

I am a businessman by profession, T/A  Vanzara Brothers. Stockists of readymade clothing and footwear, school uniforms and protective clothing. I am a member of Lions club of Blantyre, for 30 years now and I have served in various positions have been  club President for three times. I’m also a member of Hindu Community for 26 years., and Chairman for the last 4 years.  I have also  been member of other charitable organizations like  Red Cross, Children Fund of Malawi. I am a new parent at the school, Have a daughter in year 7. I have a passion to serve the needy in the community and also to mould the young generation to be well mannered and behaved citizens.

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