French is taught from Year 7 to Year 9 inclusive (Key Stage 3) and is compulsory for all students. Thereafter it is an IGCSE option and finally an option at AS/A2 level.

Spanish is started from scratch as an IGCSE option and can be continued to AS/A2 level. We are currently teaching both French and Spanish in Year 9 to allow students to make an informed choice about their IGCSE options. French and Spanish are taught towards Edexcel IGCSE taken in year 11.
Languages are set at KS3.


The Language Department has its own block of three classrooms adjacent to the Library.

In the Modern Languages Department we aim to provide and nurture the following:

  • an awareness of the worldwide importance of French and Spanish;
  • a sense of enjoyment in learning a foreign language;
  • language acquisition through primarily communicative means;
  • languages for all, regardless of ability;
  • support for less able learners;
  • extension for gifted learners;
  • an opportunity to gain cultural insights to target language countries;
  • the encouragement and motivation to every student to achieve to the best of their ability whatever their starting point in language learning;
  • the use of ICT in all areas of the language curriculum;
  • the ability to use all available research tools to enhance language learning.
  • an awareness of the worldwide importance of French and Spanish;  ​


Departmental Staff
Head of Department:
Miss K. Belshaw –

I’m Miss Belshaw, Head of Languages at Saints where I teach French and Spanish to A-Level. I studied French and Hispanic studies on a joint honours degree course at Birmingham. As part of my studies I spent an academic year doing research in Havana, Cuba and time at the University of Dijon, France.

After graduating I worked briefly in publishing before completing my PGCE at the University of Leeds and then accepting a teaching position at Tudor Grange Academy Solihull where I was heavily involved in staff mentoring and school based research project for the Department of Education.

I hope to instil my love of languages in my students and help them to achieve competency in at least one modern foreign languages to allow them compete for the most sought after university positions and jobs in an increasingly global market.

Departmental Teachers:

Mr T.  Izzett, BA (Hons) PGCE
Hello, I’m Mr Izzett and I teach French to A-level here at  SAIntS; also speak German. I studied French and Politics on a joint honours degree course at Bristol University and as part of my studies I worked as a Language Assistant in a high school in French Guiana, South America.

After graduating I worked for a year at the Université des Antilles-Guyane in Martinique, before returning to the UK to study for a PGCE at the University of Oxford. Having qualified, I took my first teaching post at a girl’s school where I worked for the next six years. Here I worked closely with tutors from the University of Cumbria to develop a language learning methodology based on maximal use of the target language within the classroom.

I know that learning languages has opened up the truly global world of work for me and I want my students to have those same opportunities. I am pleased that universities and employers are now recognising the many skills and benefits that learning another language can bring.

Mrs A. Aguilers-Teesdale, BA (Hons) PGCE
I am Mrs Aguilera-Teesdale and I teach French and Spanish at SAIntS. I was born and raised in France and I graduated in Languages and in Geography in Paris. My family is of Chilean ascent.

After graduating I moved to the UK where I worked in schools for two years while completing a distance-learning Master 1 in Linguistics with the Université -Paris-Diderot. I then went on to complete my PGCE at the University of East Anglia.

Before joining the teaching staff at SAIntS I taught in a secondary school in Lincolnshire for several years. I enjoyed challenging my pupils to find out about cultures different to theirs and to increase their knowledge of their own mother tongue through the learning of other languages. I seek to inspire SAIntS students to open up to the possibilities offered by language learning and to help them see how their ability to communicate with more people, more effectively could change their life for the better.