Physical Education

Physical Education

Physical Education attempts to provide an enjoyable, broad and balanced programme. The curriculum offers a comprehensive range of experiences to meet the needs of individual students and the structured and developmental programmes of study provide for progression, challenge and a sense of achievement.


It is intended that the programme offered will encourage in all students a positive attitude towards an active and healthy lifestyle.

The department objectives are to:

  • Students should enjoy physical education through full participation.  Each student is treated and encouraged as an individual to achieve his or her full potential.
  • All students develop body management skills through a balanced and creatively produced curriculum.  These should include an experience an understanding of; aesthetics, striking skills, games skills, athletics, swimming and outdoor education.
  • Safety procedures related to all activities should be common knowledge and rigorously applied.
  • All students should learn to appreciate, accept and value the work of others no matter what their ability, given that 100% effort has been applied.
  • Develop an individual’s self-discipline and organisation.
  • To foster such interest in Physical Education that students continue to participate once they have left school.  This will involve linking with sports clubs in the area.
  • Develop positive attitudes towards all aspects of health and an understanding of human anatomy and physiology.
  • To encourage the process of maturation, though the delegation of controlled responsibility.
  • To encourage honesty, reliability, co-operation, sensitivity and leadership.


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