Sixth Form-Years 12 & 13



                           Ms. H. Grant  Head of Sixth Form

I am delighted to move into the Sixth Form team this year. I am passionate about working with our older students and supporting them in their work to both achieve academic success and attain a wide portfolio of experiences from their time with us. The whole Sixth Form team are dedicated to the goal of readying our Year 13s to move on from SAIntS into the wider world with confidence and a strong track record of success. 

This is my fifth year at SAIntS, during which I have fulfilled the pastoral roles of Sixth Form tutor, and Head of Years 10 and 11. I teach History classes all the way from Key Stage Three up to A Level, and run the African Union club and connected ALAMAU trip to Johannesburg each March. Prior to SAIntS, I taught at Stamford High School in the United Kingdom for five years, serving as Head of History and a Year 10 & 11 tutor. Before I embarked upon my career in Education in 2010, I worked in the private sector, running a hotel company for several years. My areas of interest include rugby, motorbikes, cats and travel. I encourage every student to take advantage of the many opportunities SAIntS provides to try new things, expand their horizons and discover what they are passionate about.
Our many students that enter Sixth Form experience great change in their personal development as they negotiate the path to becoming a young adult. Our Sixth Form team, which includes our experienced tutors, study supervisor, and Careers and Universities counselor, is dedicated to supporting and encouraging every individual student through this, promoting a strong culture of wellbeing. We will celebrate students’ achievements and share in their challenges. We promote mutual respect and acceptance of all, foster personal independence and responsibility, and encourage curiosity and engagement with the wider world. Our aim is that every student in our care leaves us with confidence in themselves and their future.
To bring out the best in our students it is vitally important that we work together with parents. I encourage you to maintain full engagement with the school through parent evenings and other events. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you would like to discuss any issues that may arise.