A Home

Away From Home

We have about 100 students who board with us, housed in separate areas of accommodation.

Our boarding population is made up of students of all ages from 11-18. Many, but not all, come from Malawi and other countries within the region.

The boarding blocks are supervised 24/7 by a team of boarding staff who supervise all activities. Some older students also have responsibilities as prefects to act as role models. We expect our boarding students to set the standard in terms of attitude, behaviour and presentation.

Saints boarding

Outstanding Facilities

We are now offering daily rates for short bookings at boarding as follows:
1. Block bookings more than Fourteen (14) days at $35 per night
2. Individual/Short bookings less than Fourteen (14) days at $45 per night


In Boarding

We have a dedicated team in the kitchen who cater for the students providing breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks and drinks. Food is varied, rotating on a Two (2) week basis.

A large proportion of the teaching staff help in boarding, supervising prep and acting “in loco parentis”. They are managed by an experienced Boarding Supervisors who acts as the primary link with parents.

There is a Prep Room in each of the boys’ and girls’ boarding blocks with a suite of computers where students can work in a quiet environment. During weekends, the boarders often make use of the many and varied sporting facilities available at the school.

Almost all of our boarders are housed in separate bedrooms. There is a large common room in each boarding block with satellite TV where students can relax. In the event of power outages, the boarding blocks are equipped with large reserve water tanks and a generator. We are also investing in solar heating and lighting systems.

Boarding is a popular option at SAIntS, and we have plans to expand the accommodation to cater for an increasing need.

Saints boarding life