Afternoon Programme

Learning at Saint Andrew’s International High School goes beyond the classroom as we consider our Co-curricular Afternoon programme to be an essential part of a child’s education. We offer a wide range of activities aimed at providing holistic education and endless opportunities to a SAIntS student.  These activities fall under two main systems;

Saints House Systems

The House System

The House system at SAIntS works to ensure that every student feels that they are supported and belong. We seek to connect all ages, abilities and cultures by building opportunities for collaborative and experiential learning whilst providing opportunities for students to take responsibility and develop leadership skills.


Apart from the House System, students at SAIntS also get to choose from a wide range of clubs aimed at developing the character and the skills that will benefit them in school, their future career, and in life. Our four broad categories are; Physical, Self-development, Social Responsibility, and Creativity.

Saints Clubs

The following is just a sample of some of the clubs that we offer every academic year;

Saints Co-curricular activities