SAIntS Fees for 1st September, 2021

Tuition Fee Years 7-9 Years 10-11  Years 12-13 
Local Tax Payers $3,614.00 $3,692.00 $4,097.00
Non-Local Tax Payers $5,075.00 $5,200.00 $6,360.00
Boarding Fees  All Years (Year 7 – 13)  
Local Tax Payers $2,721.00 $2,721.00 $2,721.00
Non-Local Tax Payers $2,815.00 $2,815.00 $2,815.00



We are now offering daily rates  for short bookings at boarding as follows:

  1. Block  bookings more than 14 days  at  $35 per night
  2. Individual/Short bookings  less than 14 days  at  $45 per night 


The School is able to offer a limited number of bursaries for families in need of temporary financial support. If you think you may qualify then please complete the Bursary Application Form and return to the School Finance Office for the Attention of the Finance Manager. Applications will normally only be considered if completed before the start of a new term and awards given are for the duration of 1 term.

    Means Tested Bursary Application Form



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