New Year 7 Induction day 2021

Most of our students come from 4 main feeder schools.  If you are new to Blantyre, please apply via the Admissions Introduction Link

  1. If your son or daughter is already in primary school in Malawi, please complete the application form that is sent to the schools in February. This form should be returned to Saint Andrews International High School with the registration fee by set admission period (mid-April). You will also receive a Parents’ Handbook, Prospectus and information on the current fees with the application form.
  2. In Term 3 all registered students will sit diagnostic assessments and attend an induction day. There is also a Parents’ Information Evening. Details of these events will be issued in Term 2.
  3. The Head of Year 7, will visit the feeder schools to say “hello” to all the students and find out more about their strengths, skills, and needs. Following the visits, a letter will be sent to you offering your child a place at Saint Andrews International High School.

If you are unfamiliar with Saint Andrews International High School or wish to discuss individual matters concerning your child’s transition to secondary education, please do not hesitate to make an appointment to see us.


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