Art & Design

Art and Design

We are specialist providers of a high quality art & design education. There are three art and design studios, two are general studios and the third is used as a base room for the teaching and delivery of the AS & A2 Level programme.
The Art Department is a vibrant, inspirational and engaging creative environment, where every student’s individuality and potential to realise their artistic ambitions is valued. The Department provides a caring and supportive environment in which each pupil can explore their own ideas and develop their own creativity.
Departmental Ethos
The Art Department is a lively, popular and creative hub within Saint Andrew’s International High School. We foster a personal and friendly approach to learning, ensuring that all students receive the support they need. The ethos of the department is about learning through practice, creating a sound knowledge of techniques and processes. The study of art is a journey of exploration and our aim is to undertake projects that stretch the appreciation and understanding of the aesthetic, technical and conceptual aspects of art.  Learning is our focus and takes place in diverse ways and situations. It is our wish to encourage students to work across as many varied situations and working practices as possible allowing students to develop their creative talent and technical abilities enabling them to reach their full potential.
All year groups are encouraged to work with new and unfamiliar art materials, alongside approaches that are challenging, to extend the boundaries of their experiences and acquire new skills. This also helps to instil a progressive approach for all future studies.
Philosophy, Aims and Practice
Art is not concerned merely with great artists of genius it is fundamentally the outward form of an inward search which anyone can access. To participate in this search, on whatever level and with whatever ability, is to be an Artist. Art has a vital role to play in developing creativity, sensibility and sensory motor co-ordination in everyone.
Our philosophy is a fluid and changing thing. Evolution is integral to a healthy, dynamic and thriving art department. Pupils are actively encouraged to take ownership of their work and assignments are devised to allow individuality to flourish. Our programmes of work present pupils with problem-solving situations that challenge their perceptions. In taking control of the generation of ideas, research decisions and in the production of their outcomes, pupils develop a growing responsibility for their own creative growth.
We use a variety of teaching methodologies which enable art forms to be created. Our programme is centred round the core discipline of observational drawing and the development of a visual language.  Alongside painting students have the opportunity to look at experimental printmaking, consider aspects of textile design and surface decoration, experience ceramics and sculpture and develop new skills in photography and digital manipulation.
With a large number of techniques and the materials available we aim to develop an individual pupil language rather than a house style. Experimentation is the main key to any individual success and after an initial introduction pupils can develop personal styles of representation, both figurative and abstract. If a pupil has mastered several technical options, it is possible to experiment and move between styles depending on the aims and objectives of the brief.
We strive to nurture imagination and critical thinking. This allows for a greater visual sensitivity to life and enables a more articulate visual dialogue within the artistic journey our pupils take.


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