Design & Technology

Design and Technology

The Design & Technology department is in a self-contained building on the upper part of the school campus. There are two practical workshops, a classroom and a small suite of six computers, connected to the main school network. We have access the school’s ICT suites and bookings can be made for periods of time ranging from one hour for a piece of research to a full term for a graphics module.

Each teacher’s desk has a networked desktop computer with a projector and sound system.

Most of the design work is in Resistant Materials. Each KS3 class has one term of Graphics and we have crossed the campus on occasion to try some Food Technology.

It is our intention to develop a closer relationship with Food Technology, at present a separate department, to offer Food Technology modules at KS3 level and possibly later at examination level. Resistant Materials and Graphic Products are taught to A level.

The department is staffed by two full-time Design & Technology specialists and one part-time teacher who is trained in Learning Support but who has enthusiasm for, and skills in, Design & Technology.





We are supported by a technician who prepares materials, maintains tools and equipment and assists students with specialist processes such as welding. A full-time cleaner/assistant completes the team.

The department is able to offer extra-curricular clubs and activities. Current projects include the ‘Community Club’, in which one of the Design & Technology staff took a generator, twelve laptops and some committed students out of the city and introduced basic ICT skills to village residents who had never previously touched a computer.


The ‘Upcycling Club’ has collected discarded delivery palettes from the local Carlsberg brewery and has managed to make prototype desks to be developed for use in rural schools.

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