The English Department at St. Andrew’s is currently staffed by 7 dedicated, enthusiastic and widely experienced professional teachers, whose expertise is wide and varied and produces a dynamic and forward-thinking area of learning.

We have 6 spacious classrooms, all with data projectors, and we are constantly striving to harness the use of technology in our teaching to widen students’ learning experiences and maximize their success in our department. We do, however, still use the good old-fashioned book in many areas of what we do!

We try to teach the students to express themselves as accurately as they possibly can; as well as with the flair and panache required in a complex global community. English is the lingua franca of the professional world, and it is our duty to help the students succeed academically in our area of expertise.

In conclusion, English is a popular subject with the students, where they can express their opinions about the world, and its writings, while we are constantly working to build on our past successes to move on to an even more successful future.


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