ICT and Computing is a very important part of the SAIntS school curriculum and all students study the subject in Years 7 – 9. In Year 10, students are given the option to start the revised GCSE from Ed-excel which is proving to be a very interesting and popular course. Students are encouraged to take ICT in the sixth-form and we offer both AS and A2 level ICT from AQA.

The department aims to provide a rich learning experience for our students with schemes of work starting with the standard office applications software but also giving opportunity to develop skills in alternative software. Students will cover the full range of aspects related to the new computing syllabus. From information technology to digital literacy and computer science, we encourage our students to understand, apply, evaluate and create their work improving at each stage where possible. Encouraging determination and problem solving approaches empowers our students with powerful learning tools to be successful in their lives beyond SAIntS.


The department at Saints is fortunate to have 6 dedicated ICT suites and a Library ICT room. In addition to this 3 rooms have interactive white boards and all rooms have projectors, scanners, printers and speakers. The school also has an additional ICT room located in Applied learning. Over the last couple of years, the department has invested in new equipment including better quality sound recording equipment, digital cameras and video recording facilities.

In this subject students are encouraged to become independent learners and to have the confidence to try things out. We feel this is one of the greatest skills we can give the students in an ever changing world. It is now a fact that students need to be able to adapt and develop their skills within the area of ICT throughout their lives. We also develop the students ability to solve problems in a logical and methodological way and to be able  to review and evaluate their own performance stating how they would improve if the task was encountered again. This emphasis on continual self-improvement develops skills that are required in everyday life not just in the school environment.


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