Key Stage 3

Students enter SAIntS in Yr 7 and follow a range of subjects. They include: Mathematics, Science, English, PE, Life Skills, Art, Music, Drama, ICT, Design Technology, French, History and Geography. The same subjects are covered in Yr 8 but in Yr 9, Science is split into Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Some subjects such as ICT and the science subjects also commence some GCSE work in preparation for the option choices.

All students are assessed using National Curriculum Levels and these are reported on at least three times each year. At the end of Yr 9, students choose their GCSE options following a 5 month extensive programme which culminates in individual interviews with students, parents and a member of staff. All students at Key Stage 3 undertake a number of diagnostic tests when they enter the school. These are not entrance examinations but are used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the students as well as indicate their learning potential. As a result of these tests, students are tracked against their class assessments to ensure that they are progressing at the level which we would expect.

Students in Year 7 and 8 follow a broad curriculum, consisting of the following subjects:- English, Mathematics, Integrated Science, History, Geography, French, Music, Drama, Art, CDT, IT, Physical Education  and Life skills.  In Year 9 students study the three separate sciences – Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

In years 7-9 Drama, Music, Design Technology, ICT and Art are all grouped in mixed ability classes.  Other subjects are either set or streamed. Placements are regularly reviewed and students can be moved from group to group according to their development.  All subjects provide National Curriculum levels for their students in year 7-9.


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