Music plays a very special part in the life of our students at SAIntS.  It is a universal language that often brings us together, provide an opportunity for all students to realize and explore their full potentials and to acquire lifelong musical skills applicable in their future musical endeavors either as members of bands, ensembles, choral or orchestral groups as well as prospering as solo artists.


Key Stage 3 Music

Music is taught by specialist teachers as a compulsory subject to all students in KS3 (Year 7 -9) where the learners are provided with a meaningful, relevant and motivating curriculum focusing on Listening and Appraising, Composing and Performing music. We use garage band and other music notation software like Noteworthy, Sibelius and Finale for composition tasks and it is very exciting to see our students create their own musical masterpieces!


Key Stage 4 Music

In Year 10 and 11, music is offered as an optional subject for Edexcel GCSE Music assessed in three components.

· Performance – Accounts for 30% of the final GCSE grade where the student is expected to perform one solo piece and one ensemble piece.

· Composing – Accounts for 30% of the final GCSE grade and the student is expected to present two compositions or two arrangements or one composition and one arrangement. Music Technology plays an integral part in the development of compositional techniques and we use software like Fruity loops, Cubase, Garage band and Logic.

· Listening and Appraising – Accounts for 40% of the final GCSE grade where the candidates sit for a one and half hours written paper to answer questions based on prescribed set works covering different styles from around the world,  genres and periods of music.

AS/A2 Music Technology

At SAIntS, we offer Edexcel Music Technology as AS/A2 options.

· AS – The candidates are expected to complete Unit 1- Portfolio 1 (Sequenced Realised Performance, Multi-track Recording and Creative Sequenced Arrangement) and Unit 2: Listening and Appraising.
· A2 – The candidates are expected to complete Unit 3 – Portfolio 2 (Sequenced Integrated Performance, Multi-track Recording and Composing Using Music Technology) and Unit 4: Analysing and Producing.


Students at SAIntS have plenty of opportunity for performance.  In addition to regular performances in their music lessons, students have the opportunity to take part in our “SAIntS’ Got Talent” show, International weekend, the December Christmas Concert, our annual Musical Production, our House Music competition and our end of year “Performance Evening”.  Music is also offered as a club in the afternoons such as Rock Band, SAInts Choir, Radio SAInts, various ensemble groups and “Music Tech Club”. SAIntS is also an examining centre for ABRSM exams, hosting an annual visit by an examiner.  Each year, a number of students take ABRSM exams and our proud holders of ABRSM certificates of different levels.

Music class

It has been said that music is what “life sounds like”.  We can certainly testify that there is a lot of “life” at SAIntS

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