Life Skills

House Activities

The vision of St. Andrew’s has always been to ensure our students receive a holistic education. As House illustrates, what goes on outside the classroom can, in many ways, be just as important as a student’s studies, building character, a wide range of skills and ensuring we have some healthy bodies to go with active minds as, thanks to the climate of Blantyre, we can offer a multitude of year round sports. Our afternoon activities are called House Activities as many are linked to House events and because the schools sees a House ethos as an essential part of the student experience. The activities currently run on Monday to Wednesday afternoons between 1.30 and 5.00PM.  With 80 different activities, no student can claim they can’t find anything to do. All students sign up for their House Activities at the start of each term; once signed up they must commit to the activity for the whole term. Years 7-10 do three hours of activities each week, with Years 11-13 on lesser hours in order to manage their examination studies, but they are expected to play a role in helping staff to run activities. Aside from our core House Activities in the major sports and such areas as debating, creative writing, art, music and drama (the latter come together with the school musical rehearsals in Terms 1 and 2), our activities can vary greatly from year-to-year, based on the enthusiasms and wider skills of our teaching staff. With new teachers arriving each year or with coaches being in Malawi for only short periods, the variation St. Andrew’s offers is rarely beaten elsewhere.


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