Sixth Form

What is life-like in the Sixth Form at St. Andrew’s?

The Sixth Form is, for many of our students, the pinnacle of their school careers. They feel a sense of pride at showing the world they have made the right academic strides to gain entry to the Sixth Form; at wearing a different uniform to students in Years 7-11; but perhaps because they rightly feel they are making a significant step in their lives – the final one before going out into the adult world. They also feel different because it is different. Although the Sixth Form is very much part of the wider school, we encourage our Sixth Formers to show more independence, grasping the leadership and responsibilities which are offer, whilst also to demonstrate that they can be self-starters with the motivation to become truly independent learners and thereby allowing them to achieve the progression through to university study. We expect them to act as young adults and they can expect to be treated as such.

What do we offer in the Sixth Form at St. Andrew’s?

  • Comprehensive guidance on entry to the Sixth Form through Year 11
  • A wide choice of AS Level and BTEC courses in Year 12
  • Twenty different A Level and BTEC courses in Year 13
  • Well-resourced and rigorous teaching
  • A monitoring system to assist students in their studies
  • The St. Andrew’s Sixth Form Diploma, designed to illustrate the holistic education our Sixth Formers receive
  • An induction programme in Years 12 and 13, including a team-building day for Year 12s
  • An extensive extra-curricular programme through the House system, allowing students to develop skills outside the academic curriculum
  • University guidance and support for all higher education applications
  • A strong tutoring system to provide pastoral support and encourage an awareness of the wider world
  • Abundant community service and leadership opportunities
  • An ethos of good manners, honest and open communication, and mutual respect that underpins staff-student relations
  • A major fundraising trip for all Year 12s, with follow-up trips for Year 13
  • A Sixth Form Centre with common room, study room and higher education library, plus a LRC for use during study periods
  • Supervised study periods
  • Re-sit opportunities for IGCSE Maths and English Language students
  • A graduation ceremony at the end of Year 13, alongside a Graduation Ball

As a result, we strive to ensure that during a student’s two years in our Sixth Form, they can:

  • fulfill his/her academic potential
  • develop social, leadership and organisational skills
  • develop skills for lifelong learning
  • make the step into higher education in their chosen course/major
  • be prepared for life in a culturally diverse and rapidly changing society
  • become a responsible citizen.


In short, we hope our Sixth Formers develop to become knowledgeable, caring, inquisitive, principled, dedicated and balanced young adults with the capacity to be reflective thinkers and intelligent communicators, but most importantly open-minded individuals who carry the spirit of multi-cultural tolerance and decency of St. Andrew’s with them into their adult lives.

In recent years, St. Andrew’s Sixth Formers have progressed to universities across the world, with the main countries being South Africa, Malawi, the UK and the USA. However, we have also had students go to Holland, Germany, Malaysia, Portugal, Canada, Australia and Kenya on a regular basis. Just as there is no one ‘type’ of Sixth Former at St. Andrew’s, so too is there no one type of undergraduate who leaves the school, hence the very wide range of courses our students take one, from Accounting to Zoology. Some students leave St. Andrew’s after Year 12 to go to university, most often to Malawi and South Africa. This is one of the key reasons why we have maintained a modular International AS Level and A2 Level course structure in most subjects, allowing students (and their parents) the option of a one year course of study.

If you think you would like to join the Sixth Form at St. Andrew’s, please follow the application process as outlined in the Sixth Form handbook and also looking at the sections on leadership and community service, and further explanation of the Diploma. We look forward to seeing you.


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