Year 7


                                                                        Mrs. D. Patel -Head of Year 7

I am a mathematics teacher with a passion for child wellbeing and development!
The transition into high school is an exciting but challenging time for children.

My role as Head of Year is to maintain the communication links between parent, teacher and student. Furthermore I, along with the Year 7 tutor team strive to ensure that the move from primary school is as easy and smooth as possible so all students feel positive and confident as they begin their high school journey.

The year 7 team aim to celebrate individuality in our wonderfully diverse school and build a respectful and nurturing environment in which the year 7’s can flourish both academically and personally.

Through our Life skills Programme we hope to empower our students for the wider world, whilst developing their resilience and awareness of others and their surroundings.
Being a former Year 8 & 9 Head of year, I am delighted to now be a part of the Year 7 team and be involved with setting a solid foundation as each child progresses through SAIntS.






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